The culinary experience at Villa Amonteera

We are proud that our guests come in different ages and from all over the world to enjoy and relax for a while at Villa Amonteera. Our ambition to offer you an exciting culinary journey while staying with us is important to us. The carefully designed menus offer you a wide range of options from Thai- Asian- Western- and Indian kitchens.

Thailand is famous for a wide range of different things. The delicious Thai cuisine has become world famous and is now enjoyed at all corners of the world. Therefore, our ambition is to present the most popular dishes from different regions of Thailand. To enable us to purchase fresh and high quality ingredients, we need all orders for breakfasts, lunches and dinners not later than 24 hours prior the actual serving.

Breakfast Menu

If breakfast is included in your package, the remaining part for you to do is simple choose which kind of breakfast set your group would like to start the day with. There are several different options and you are advised to choose one set for the whole group for each day.

Lunch- and Dinner menus

Our lunches and dinners theme menus have been design to introduce you to authentic and characteristic dishes from different regions of Thailand. Further, some of the themes are also presented for example as “Andaman Sea Harvest”, “BBQ” and “Thai Street Cuisine”.

Poolside Bites Menu

This menu offers you a bite of classic dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and desserts between your main meals of the day. We are glad to offer you these dishes without any pre-orders.

Kids Menu

With our special menu for the younger ones, we hope to offer a range of both popular familiar, and perhaps new favorite dishes to add to the top 10 list. The Kids menu is available throughout the entire day until 21.00.

Drink Menu

The menu has been design to offer you a carefully selected list of wines, beers, soft drinks, coffee and tea. You will also find a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails such as mojito and Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, refreshing fruit shakes and healthy smoothies. If you have any special requests, our bartender will be happy to help you out to enjoy your favorite drink.

VAT and service charge

Food and beverage products are subjects to 7% VAT. This tax and a service charge of 5% are included in all prices. The service charge will be equally divided between all staff members at the villa.

Finally, a few words from our chef.

Dear guest,

In this international atmosphere I proudly present, carefully selected menus sets for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Here you find a wide range of delicious dishes, all presented in an exciting way.

Being a Thai chef, I especially invite you to enjoy my interpretation of the Thai cuisine. It is presented in our different menu sets, each one representing a geographic area or theme such as “Andaman Sea Harvest”, “Northern Cuisine” and “Isaarn Cuisine”. 

To guarantee fresh and high quality ingredients, I visit the best places and markets to purchase different groceries every day. For this to work out well, I need to know your daily choices of breakfast, lunches and dinners at least one day in advance.  

I look forward to have you as my guests and will do my very best to give you an extra ordinary culinary journey during your stay with us.

Warm regards,